Love yourself!

I close my eyes and try to check, how does it feel to love myself? I listen to thoughts and hear many thoughts of confusion, judgment, and lack of self-love. And straying how would it feel if there were not all those judicial thoughts in my head?

What is it like to be in the world out of self-love, a world where there is no constant criticism, every step or decision I make?

A world in which I understand that everything that happens is in my best interest?

Sounds good? Sounds calm and peaceful … But how do you do that?

How do you get to this place where judgmental and critical thoughts stop managing me?

Who am I without them?

Self-love appears at the moment when we are ready to let go of our expectations and our argument with life.

The moment when we let go and realize that our lives look exactly as they should.

I’m one with the universe and with what it’s long for me and everything he’s given me, I’m probably mature enough to contain it.

I know I can rely on reality and know that until now she was in my favor even if I was not always sure of it at the first moment, later I could understand why it was the best thing that happened to me.

Life wants our development, they want to see us blooming, because otherwise we might pass our time here without realizing everything we were supposed to accomplish while we were in the body.

And each one of us has so many things to learn and experience, what does it give us if we argue all the time with life? The truth is that nothing. We just get frustrated, unfulfilled, and feel missed.

So when we are ready to meet reality as it is, we can begin to see the beauty and love that life has. And then we realize that without self-love we are left with the constant feeling that something is wrong, that there is a problem. But the truth is that there’s no problem, if I’m not in a relationship right now, if I have not found my destiny yet, it’s okay. If things do not progress as I wanted it’s okay. The more we slip into life, the more we know that life is better for us, and we should synchronize with it. It is also a great remedy for the body and help get rid of hemorrhoids swiftly without any further issues.

Therefore, I recommend you at certain moments to close your eyes and allow yourself to be, to listen to thoughts that come and go, like waves to pay attention to the emotions that come and go and remember that there is someone who listens to all this and this endless love that comes to teach itself comes to develop and grow. Self-love is the key that allows us to recognize the beauty and importance of life.

Access and cognition are applied in various areas of the brain. Often emotional reactions are faster than thoughts. Pre-cognition emotion. The exposure effect has a high importance in survival. We are “programmed” to prefer the seller and it determines who we will call. This is also making people we like seem more familiar to us. When we do not have strong feelings about a particular product or person, its repeated exposure can increase sales or voting (as they say: “I looked at him for so long that he Looks nice to me …. “)


In choosing a marriage partner, women report that they are willing to give up external attractiveness in exchange for emotional or material security. Studies show a high degree of attractiveness between husbands and wives. If one of the sides is less attractive, it will have other compensatory properties, each side bringing resources and the relative value of these resources creates a balanced match between the two. Evolutionally, external beauty transmits more health and fertility capacity to culture in Men.


While women are looking for more protection, status is higher than muscular man (when in the cave period the physically strong man could hunt more food and was chosen by his buttocks today he goes to the ATM and takes cash … and does not run in the fields). Love beautifies our loved ones. The neighbor may be greener but if the gardener is happy he does not notice it. ” “Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with him.”